TEFL in Prague

Should You TEFL in Prague??

I did my TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification on-line with i-to-i TEFL. I was told it would be difficult to find teaching opportunities in Europe with this certification but I had no problems finding teaching opportunities in Prague, Czech Republic.

Although it was not difficult finding teaching opportunities, I caution that the on-line certification is good but I think that the in-class certification offers a hands-on teaching practice and  networking opportunities that really can’t compare to what is offered on-line.

Once in Prague, I signed up for the Jobs and Guidance Package at The Language House and subsequently enrolled in their Young Learners Certification.  The Jobs and Guidance includes a one-week opportunity to sit in on the actual TEFL course, this was the best part of the package.There are other information sessions that are important (visa, housing, work) but the information I got from the week of the course (lesson planning ideas and grammar review) was the most useful.

Interested in TEFLing???? Choose a reputable school/program.

  • The Language House is a real company/school
  • You will need to work hard
  • You will teach real adult English learners
  • You will need to study
  • You will meet other TEFL students mostly N. American