Volunteer Adventures

I have spent hundreds of hours volunteering. For a time, I was also an AmeriCorps member. It’s important to learn the lessons of service to others not just to feel better about yourself but to uplift and empower communities.

Although a majority of my volunteering has been on the home-front,  I did have an opportunity to volunteer abroad in a clinic in Guatemala through IVHQ– see the post here. The program allowed me to meet others serving in other projects and I would recommend the service. I hope to participate in another of their programs- in a different country.

*** However, I will say that others that flew down to Guatemala without being a part of any program ahead of time and were able to find volunteer opportunities and accommodations on their own for less money. I personally liked having the program coordinators and the facilities that were available through the program (computer lab, classes, a place to go to get questions answered). It’s a preference thing.

Have you participated in any volunteer programs abroad? Please share or link to your experience?