Traveling: Step 2

Step 2: Choose a destination.

This is the fun part. Look at a globe, dig into some family history, reminisce about a place you saw on television. Whatever your inspiration, choose a destination. The world is large and meant to be explored!!



Consider the overall travel time and the time that you’ll have at the destination. If a week is all you have to travel, it is not advisable to choose a destination that takes 2 days to arrive. Those trips should probably be postponed for when there is more time…jetlag is real.

Time Zone:

Consider your current time zone and the time zone of your destination. Are you losing or gaining time? In what order? Will you have time to recover from jetlag?


The islands are really nice but do you want to be there during hurricane season?? Probably not. Do you want to be in Thailand during wet season? Is Dubai (the desert) in the summertime your idea of joy?


Some destinations are popular during specific times of year (high season). The crowds are larger and the hotels are more expensive. Consider if you want to avoid high season, this is a personal preference. I dislike large crowds, long lines, and overly priced lodging so I prefer to avoid high season in most locations.

Visa Requirements:

Always check entry requirements for each country you plan to visit. Some visas are issued upon arrival others must be obtained prior to arrival. Check!!! You don’t want to be stuck in immigration when you should be on holiday/vacation.

One way tickets:

Some countries require proof of onward travel, it’s not a bad idea to travel with a full itinerary.

Travel Alerts and Warnings:

Traveling can be a time for carefree enjoyment; however, it’s important to be aware of travel warning. Currently, the State Department has issued a worldwide travel alert due to terrorist efforts around the world. Plan carefully and intelligently. One resource to check is the site.

Happy Planning!!