Traveling: Step 1

I get lots of questions about how I travel. This is the beginning of a travel tutorial I hope will be helpful to those who have requested more information about how to travel the world.

Step 1: Get a passport

Seriously, I talk to lots of people who want to go to Europe, Africa, Asia and many don’t have a passport. Get a passport!!

The price has changed since I got mine and the price will continue to go up in the future. Go ahead and get your passport.

Until you get your passport, your dreams of traveling will be limited to US territories which isn’t a shabby offering but most people want to travel more extensively.

Also having a US passport is a privilege!!! Do you know how many countries you can visit!!!  According to the Passport Index, 147 countries!!! Every passport does not allow world access like the US passport, some countries have passports that can visit less than 40 countries in the world. Please take advantage of the opportunity to travel near and far!!

Are you ready to get your passport?? Apply Here:

  • This site is also a great source for learning about travel warnings.


Tip: If you have AAA, check there to see if you can get a complimentary photo for the passport application.