Booking Hotels

Build or write a list of amenities that your desired hotel needs to have. I would recommend not deviating from the list. Also have a lists of wants. search for hotels that have your needs and most or all of your wants within your price range.

My ultimate hotel wish list:

  1. Be clean (Need)
  2. No access directly from the street/outside.  (Need)
  3. BE near public transportation and if possible this transportation is available at the airport.  (NEED)
  4. BE in the center of the action so there is no need for the extra transportation costs. (Want)
  5. HAVE free Wi-Fi. (NEED)
  6. HAVE free breakfast. (WANT)
  7. HAVE good water pressure in the shower (pet peeve= showers that run like they are leaking) (NEED)

Tip: Book hotel rooms that are fully refundable if the price for the non-refundable room is comparable.