About Me

 Hi, my name is Tiffany.


About Me:

  • Professional student
  • Outgoing introvert
  • Lover of bookstores and libraries
  • Former AmeriCorps Member (one of the best decisions ever!!)
  • Science Lover
  • Dream Superpower= Ability to understand and speak every language
  • Learning Spanish and would love to learn French
  • Would love to take more beautiful photos, so the people in my life can more accurately see the beauty I encounter on my adventures

Things I Love:

  • traveling (new destinations excite me)
  • reading (a good book can steal my attention for hours)
  •  warm showers (make my day better)
  • comfy blankets and pillows (who doesn’t like a soft blanket??)
  • being in a place where stars are easily visible
  • cooking a meal that is beautiful and edible (;-))
  • seeing people genuinely happy

Dream Big & Travel Far!!