Marriage and Travel

“The grass is greener where you water it”

Marriage takes work.

Marriage and travel takes extra hard work.

Did you know 1 in 10 couples break up after vacationing together?

My husband and I just reached fours years of marriage. During that time we have traveled to several countries, some trips were taken together, some solo.

Traveling together we’ve spent extensive time in small places, long layovers in uncomfortable airport seats, long plane rides, long train rides, long walks, and long car rides. Yes, we have spent lots of time TOGETHER and we are still TOGETHER.

How we survive the time TOGETHER:

  • Plan for time apart.
  • Have the music playlist ready.
  • Sleep during transit times as much as possible.
  • Be flexible. Itineraries are good sometimes but unplanned time is OK too.
  • Be kind to each other.
  • Choose places both people will enjoy.
  • Choose not to argue.
    • Sometimes just say “Yes Dear”.
  • Stop talking, silence is OK and sometimes preferred.
  • Remember travel is about fun, adventure, giving, and learning.

We have also had time apart taking solo journeys. Traveling solo can be stressful on relationships. It’s hard being away, it’s especially hard for the person at home. One person is off having new adventures, meeting new people the other is at home working-bills have got to get paid.

How we survive time APART:

  • Communicate:
    • Call.
    • Text.
    • Video Chat-(Facetime, Skype)
  • Communicate:
    • Send photos
    • Send videos
  • Communicate:
    • Make your mate feel important and appreciated.
      • Send gifts (Electronic gift-cards)
    • Make your mate feel loved.
      • Tell your love how you feel, daily when possible.
    • Make you mate feel unforgotten while you are away.
      • Dig deep!
    • Be committed to being committed.
      • Communicate your relationship status
        • This helps stop some unwanted advances.
        • This also lets others know you are serious about your commitment.

When you love and respect your mate, you do what it takes to make it work without sacrificing the things that make you happy (travel, working, volunteering, etc). So next time, on that 10 hour plane ride, he/she pisses you off, just say “yes dear” and stop talking. Hold hands and remember the purpose of the Holiday/Break/Vacation.

Cheers to all the couples surviving extensive time TOGETHER and APART!!