Australia: JetStar Made Us Do It!!

Location: Sydney, Australia

Type of Travel: Couple Travel

Currency: Australian Dollar

Passport Needed: Yes

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We were already far from home in Japan so we decided to head to Australia. Thankfully there are budget airlines that have reasonable costs  and travel directly between the two countries, we chose JetStar. Our flight, via JetStar airlines, connected in the Gold Coast but our final destination was Sydney, Australia.

Benefits of flying JetStar:

  • low cost flight
  • we landed safely in our destination

Important things to consider when flying JetStar:


We knew all this but the value-to-price ratio made us purchase the flight and we are glad we did!!!

Below: view from the plane102915 photos 503

First Impression: the people we met were so nice!! Our accents (Southern United States) garnered some attention and opened up conversations with complete strangers and expats who made the move to Australia.

Advice received: ladies if you are thinking of moving here bring your man with you don’t try to find one in Australia…the things we are willing to share with strangers always amuses me!!

Transportation: The Sydney Airport connects directly with the public transportation system and we easily found our way to King’s Cross Station, the location of our hotel.

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Hotel:The Larmont Sydney by Lancemore.  It was clean, safe, and modern. 102915 photos 510

The location was perfect for us. It was close to public transportation, near several restaurants, and we walked to The Sydney Opera House- it is not a short walk but pleasant especially if you walk through the Botanical Gardens!

Yep! We walked. We walked through the city:

 Don’t you wish Woolloomooloo Bay was your street address??

We walked through the Royal Botanical Gardens.

We took a selfie break…

And finally we arrived to a path that led straight to the amazing, beautiful, majestic Sydney Opera House! There was a bit of cloud cover but it made the view more intriguing.

The Sydney Opera House:

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After years of waiting for the time, money, and circumstances to be ‘right’, we had made it to Sydney! I wouldn’t want to experience this moment with anyone other than J!!  Sydney was his dream. How blessed our we to have our own individual bubbles of desires and dreams that have seemed to merge so effortlessly  and continues to give us the best of life with each other?!102915 photos 511

The Sydney Opera House sits in Sydney Harbour. The structure  took 16 years to build and was completed in 1973. Currently, it is a performing arts venue. Below is a list of facts and figures taken directly from Australia.Gov.AU where you can also find the full story on how the Opera House was constructed and designed, inside and out; it is an interesting story.

The Sydney Opera house facts and figures:

  • was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon
  • opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1973
  • presented, as its first performance, the Australian Opera’s production of War and Peace
  • cost $AU 102,000,000 to build
  • conducts 3000 events each year
  • provides guided tours to 200,000 people each year
  • has an annual audience of 2 million for its performances
  • includes 1000 rooms
  • is 185 metres long and 120 metres wide
  • has 2194 pre-cast concrete sections as its roof
  • has roof sections weighing up to 15 tons
  • has roof sections held together by 350 km of tensioned steel cable
  • has over one million tiles on the roof
  • uses 6225 square metres of glass and 645 kilometres of electric cable.

Sydney Zoo:

We couldn’t leave Sydney without seeing the koala bears so we headed to Taronga Zoo Sydney. We saw many animals: small, large, cute, ugly, poisonous, nocturnal and so many more. This zoo does ‘it’ right.

Tip: wear your good walking shoes, the zoo is huge!!!

Bondi Beach:

If you are looking to relax, head over to Bondi Beach. It is beautiful. It’s a great place to people watch and you will not be disappointed. Also there are quality food options along the strip right above the beach area.

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Sydney was great in that it offered city, gardens, beaches, outback, and good food. Our biggest mistake was not taking the time to explore some other cities in Australia. The people we met highly recommend that we return and see more of their beautiful country.


  • visit The Botancial Gardens
  • visit The Sydney Opera House
  • visit Bondi Beach
  • engage with the locals
  • grab life by the horns and travel to Sydney!102915 photos 791

THE NEXT STOP IS _________________!!! Clue…Where Lord of the Rings was filmed!!