A Day in Narita: Surviving Airport Boredom

Location: Narita, Japan

Type of Travel: Couple Travel

Currency: Japanese Yen

Passport Needed: Yes

The previous post was all about our time in Tokyo, which was great!!! However, all good things come to end…right??! Well not necessarily. What we thought would be a boring day of travel turned into an adventure.

Our flight leaving out of Japan was departing from the Narita International Airport. We checked out of the hotel by 11am but with bags in tow and several hours until our flight departure…we were in limbo. The Narita Transit Program saved the day!!102915 photos 387

Tip: Pack Light!! Yep we both managed to fit everything in two small bags!!

The Narita Transipt Program provided luggage storage, bottles of water, umbrellas, cultural gifts, lounge passes and two of the sweetest Japanese volunteer tour guides…ALL FOR FREE!!!  We paid only for the roundtrip tickets required for the train which was necessary to get us to the heart of Narita.

The volunteers escorted us through the city,

102915 photos 415

a natural park,

specialty stores– where we were introduced  to some good and not so good food

and shared cultural and personal stories. Every airport should offer this service.

Narita is small but a day/few hours is all you’ll need to see many of the major sites. Most impressive was the temples, we were shown the the proper way to cleanse ourselves before entering and all the proper etiquette for standing on hollow ground.

The journey concluded with snaps in front of  the Storied Pagoda.

102915 photos 451

Can you believe this beauty was built in 1712??!!!

 Find the Narita Transit Program if you have some extra time at the Narita Airport.

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Clue: To the next destination!! Stay Tuned!!