Get Lost in ToKyo!!!

Trip Type: Couple, City Adventure

We used miles to book a flight to Tokyo, Japan. We did not buy any currency before leaving so after passing through customs we had to find a way to purchase a train ticket to the hotel. I guess we looked confused enough that a young lady stopped to help us navigate this machine which does accept cards.

Tip: Use your credit card for the extra insurance in cases of loss and theft.

We finally figured it out and made our way through the maze, you can call the Tokyo transport system. 102915 photos 072

The struggle: keeping up with passports, itineraries, currencies, and metro passes!!

We made it through the maze and into the city of Tokyo. One word: LOVE

The lights are big, loud, and exhilarating.

102915 photos 074

We stayed at the Metropolitan Hotel, highly recommended, in Tokyo which was a great location, away from tourists but close enough to public transportation so that we could explore the city. Two perks worth mentioning:

  1. The toilet had more features than my television at home, even a mode for a fake flushing sound.
  2. We could see Mt Fuji from our hotel room window. Amazing!

Look at the view!!

The location of the hotel was right behind the Metropolitan Museum and we got to see several cultural performances for FREE. Talent, grace, and beauty is how to describe the performances.

We made it around the majors stops but just remember the ‘Tokyo Line’ is where you want to be. We headed over to the famous Shibuya Crossing and to Ikebukuro, the technology/entertainment district. You will know you are in Ikebukuro because the towering buildings will be full of color, the streets are full of markets, indoor and out, and notice the huge Sega buildings and gaming centers that will be unavoidable.

I even found myself a new guy friend in The District.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet head over to the Shinjuku National Gardens.

There are a few temples, ponds and lots of places to relax, meditate and lay out.

Enjoy the green spaces, they seem to be limited in this urban city-scape.


Some maps just aren’t helpful. We enjoyed the gardens longer than anticipated due to faulty navigation (smile).

Be sure to grab some yen and head over to the Harajuku District. The art, people, shopping and atmosphere is unmatched in excitement anywhere else in the city.

My favorite adventure was just walking and noticing a temple hidden within the city.

102915 photos 238Tokyo is a city worth visiting if you get the opportunity. Be sure to stay out late at night. The restaurants and arcades stay open all night. Work on your dance skills or fail at your dance skill like I did. Just have lots of fun in the city that stays hype at all hours.

Notable mentions:

The KFC logo in Tokyo is “Love & Quality” but not in the USA- don’t we deserve love and quality in our fried chicken too??!

We found a Denny’s and yes we stopped and ate there because who finds a Denny’s in Tokyo?? We do!

Food in Tokyo was impressive and paired interestingly.

Most amusing were the menus with English or Spanish headers and/or subtitles with the actual meal options still in Japanese. Just pray the menu has pictures and choose an entree.

I hope you enjoy Japan as much as we did. Next is our day in Narita.