A Long Layover in Sweden!!

After leaving Copenhagen, I was headed back to Prague, Czech Republic. I had a class to teach and the least expensive flight I could find had a 6 hour layover in Sweden!!

I try very hard to avoid long layovers but instead of complaining, I used the long layover as an opportunity to see a bit of Stockholm, Sweden.

From the airport, I took an express train into the city.

It was an overcast day but I still had the opportunity to visit Gamla Stan area of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan is the “Old Town” area of Stockholm. I enjoy finding the historical areas of cities. I feel like I’ve taken a step back in time momentarily and I can try to imagine how life was lived centuries ago.

The vibrant colors of the buildings in the Gamla Stan area are beautiful and calming. I walked through the narrow pedestrian streets in search of nothing and everything. It was a nice stroll and I found myself deep in thought about  purpose and history.

As I walked back toward the train station, I found it amusing that just beyond Gamla Stan, I could take a seat at McDonald’s and enjoy free wi-fi. The world is changing and places like Gamla Stan represent a past that is very unlikely to be more than just a reflection of the  all things “old” that society seems to running from at fast speeds.

I’m glad I left the airport even if it meant a long walk and a blue light special restroom that cost 2 Euros. I still can’t get over paying to use the restroom!!


Headed back to Prague…for lessons and a road trip to the Czech Country side!!!