Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Airport Code: CPH

Type of Travel: Girls Getaway

Passport Needed: Yes

After leaving Malaga, Spain, I flew to Denmark, Copenhagen… via Vueling Airlines.




I met up with my lovely roomie who had been on a few excursions of her own.


It didn’t take us long to fall in love with Copenhagen.





First Impression:

Not only is the city beautiful it is filled with really gorgeous people, men and women!! The gene pool is impressive!!


On the first day we encountered Scandinavian Creepers lurking outside the ladies room, yikes, but other than that we we had to admit that Denmark is very clean, amazing, and beautiful.


Our first food stop was this amazing burger place where I had the best burger ever!!

Each subsequent meal was good as well. Although a bit expensive, the food quality is very impressive.

Copenhagen also has some of the best pastries and danishes that you’ll find. The variety is just evil calories awaiting.


There seems to be a health consciousness that permeates the city. Just look around and it is easy to find active fit people,

IP8.2015 952

healthy food options and a slew of well appointed juice bars and  cute cafes.


The canal:

We walked along the canal and was pleasantly surprised that we had arrived during Jazz Week!!!

The weather was nice and music was everywhere…jackpot!

The Mermaid:

Do you believe in mermaids? Well the story behind this mermaid is not much of a fairy tale at all! Find the details about the Copenhagen Mermaid HERE.

Spoiler Alert:

  • She gives up her tongue, becomes mute, for legs.
  • She gets the legs she wishes for which causes her great pain when walking.
  • Yet she never marries the prince and is unable to reunite with her family under the sea.

I’m glad Disney gave Ariel  of  The Little Mermaid a fairy tale ending.

Not far from The Mermaid you will find The Royal Danish Opera House. It is a lovely vision especially at sunset!

IP8.2015 1037

The City:

The best way to describe Copenhagen, is to call it a tale of two cities. It’s clean, it’s beautiful, it full of cafes but if you head over to Freetown… it’s grunge and fringe life at it’s best.

Tourist City Life:

The city is very walk-able and we never felt unsafe. There is lots to see and many of the art galleries and museums we visited were impressive and free. The architecture is unique and the mix of modern and historical is seamless.

IP8.2015 1071

The sunsets are colorful and the city just feels to be well maintained.

Green Lush Tourist City Life:

Finding green spaces in all the major cities is important and Copenhagen did not disappoint.


Freetown Christiania Life:

Christiania was established by hippies in 1971 as an independent society with it’s own rule and completely separate from that of of the Danish government; for more than 40 years this created conflict. However, in 2011, an agreement was formed that makes it a society within a society. Source

I describe it as fringe life at it’s best. Creative independent individuals live in this area which is evident as soon as one steps on the premises. If you decide to visit Christiania heed the rules and hold back judgement.



We stayed at The Generator Hostel the service and location was good but the lack of air conditioning during hot summer nights is something to consider before booking at this hostel.


  • Walk around the city and find the green spaces too.
  • Visit the artsy cafes.
  • Visit The Mermaid and send her your regrets.
  • Visit Christiania if you dare.
  • Copenhagen is a city to visit, perfect for sharing. Go and have fun!!

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