5 Reasons to LOVE MALAGA, Spain!!

After leaving Seville, I headed for Malaga, Spain by way of train.

Malaga wasn’t on my radar until a low cost flight leaving from the AGP (Malaga) airport to my next destination (Copenhagen, Denmark) made the trip necessary. I am very pleased with the outcome, here is why:

  1. Malaga, Spain has a booming night life!!! I have no compelling night life photos but trust that there is a good time to be had in Malaga. There is opportunity to dance, socialize, and just walk around the beautiful city and enjoy the well lit and safe atmosphere.

2. The restaurant scene is equally impressive. The small city is bustling with a large variety of cuisines at reasonable prices!! I was even able to get some amazing chicken wings and Asian noodles from a cute little noodle bar (my hearts joy).

No food pics to share. It must have disappeared too fast. (wink) Enjoy this mural…

IP8.2015 889

3. The beach is amazing. Just look below:

IP8.2015 822 IP8.2015 826 IP8.2015 837 IP8.2015 8474.The people are kind and outgoing. How do I know??? Well, I get lost frequently and there were several opportunities for me to have people kindly escort me in the right direction. During these times, we talked and shared and I was pleasantly reminded that there are good people in this world willing to stop and help a stranger.

IP8.2015 870

Hi Stranger

5. It’s a beautiful city with beautiful landscapes.

IP8.2015 831IP8.2015 833IP8.2015 850IP8.2015 857IP8.2015 859IP8.2015 861IP8.2015 862IP8.2015 881IP8.2015 844IP8.2015 806IP8.2015 820IP8.2015 849IP8.2015 854IP8.2015 877IP8.2015 879IP8.2015 880

Also I recommend staying at the Del Pintor Boutique Hotel Malaga. The staff was excellent the room was large and the location was central and near to public transport.

TIP: Don’t be afraid of public transport. I took the bus from the train station to my hotel and I walked through the tunnel to get the airport bus for less than 5 Euros when leaving!!

IP8.2015 909 IP8.2015 913

If you make it to Malaga, Spain you’ll love it. I Did.

Next: Copenhagen, Denmark!!!