Madrid: The Seducer

When you live and work in The Czech Republic you are located in the heart of Europe and travel is a must. My first getaway was to Berlin, Germany. My next excursion landed me in Madrid, Spain.

I previously visited Barcelona and it was a beautiful and friendly city but Madrid was different especially in hot July; Madrid was sultry and seductive. The streets were full of color and life, a huge contrast to the conservative atmosphere in The Czech Republic, I fell in love.

Above: Iberia Airlines when you get the whole row to yourself ✈️🎉

I arrived to Madrid via Iberia Airlines, an airline I found to be clean, organized, and satisfactory. I used miles to book the flight and ended up paying less than 60 USD. The airport, Madrid Barajas International (MAD), was very impressive; I felt like I was walking through a maze of glass and art. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to go through any customs and sadly, as a result, I didn’t receive a passport stamp. I like getting passport stamps but I was thankful to avoid the hassle too. Another hassle I like to avoid is taxis.

It’s no secret I travel on a budget and many of my savings come from using public transportation whenever possible. I immediately searched for public transportation from the airport to my hotel and I was thrilled with the price, ease and availability in which I could travel through Madrid and Spain via metro and train!!!

Metro Directions- Touch.Pay.Go.

   Above: don’t forget to collect your ticket and change

From MAD airport to the Príncipe Pío Station where my hotel was located cost less than 5 Euros!!! Savings!!!

Below: Príncipe Pío   

I stayed at Hotel Acta Madfor and I was not disappointed. The hotel is located directly across from a large mall/shopping center and the metro station.

The lobby was clean, modern and beautiful and the room was the same. I dislike when the lobby is beautiful and well-maintained and the rooms aren’t.

Room: booked on Orbitz

Once situated, I let Madrid wrap me in it’s summer heat wave and seduce me. I walked hoping to get lost and found myself among beautiful architecture, tapas that had my taste buds and waistline screaming for different reasons, and kind lively people enjoying the summer sun with music, Sangría, family, and friends.

I love Madrid!!
Next: Seville, Spain 🎶