Czech Journey: Lesson 2 

Lesson 2: Stop and appreciate the beauty surrounding you.

Prague is amazing. The people are conservative and easygoing. The city itself is beautiful and there is never a lack of entertainment options. Even with all the city has to offer, I had to remind myself to enjoy myself!

I came to Prague with the intention to teach abroad. The plan was to take an in-class TEFL course; however, the school that offered the course also offered a “Jobs and Guidance” program that I decided to do instead. It was shorter and  meant to be a refresher course. The program offered housing  for 4 weeks and basic information about living and working in Prague.

I revamped my resume to focus on my previous teaching experience instead of my science background and within two weeks of being in the country I had found an opportunity teaching English.

During those first couple of weeks, I was extremely focused on finding teaching opportunities, reviewing grammar, and finding post program housing that I forgot to just take a deep breath and look around.

So I decided to wander, get lost, and enjoy the city. Best decision ever!! Sometimes I let the things going on in my life take over simply enjoying the moment.

So if you are traveling, working, or just busy with life. Take a moment and notice the beauty that is around you. You will not be disappointed. I wasn’t!!