Czech Journey: Lesson 1

Lesson 1= Pack Less Stuff

After all the planning, decision making and anxiety, the day to travel to Prague has finally come!! 

I get to the airport with one large suitcase, one carry on, and my purse.  

I’m excited that everything I want to bring fits in these three bags (Go Tiff) until I place my large bag that is to be checked on the scale and the agent kindly informs me “that’ll be $125”. 

I stop, look left and then right, I’m the only one in line, she is talking to me $125!!! Ughh!! I’m 16lbs over the limit. 

It’s my fault for not weighing my own bag and finding out all the baggage rules ahead of time but I thought the first checked bag was free. But then again, I haven’t checked a bag in years.

The agent did inform me that if I could remove 16lbs it would be $25. This was not an option; the previous night was spent organizing and packing things just right.

I paid the ridiculous fee and then more great news, my next flight is with a different airline so more fees to come. Why didn’t I book the same airline all the way to Prague??!!??

Don’t make my mistake unless the items in your bag are worth the money.

The plan: inhale and exhale, it’ll all work out, even if I get to Prague completely broke.   

Have you ever been caught off guard by airline fees?