Czechin’ Out: A New Game Plan

It’s official, I will be heading to Prague, Czech Republic.

My friends and family know I’m a bit of a professional student so few will be surprised I’m heading back into a classroom.  

Honestly, I’m excited and nervous.

I’m excited for the new adventure BUT…I’m also nervous about this decision. Did I choose the ‘right’ country? Did I choose the ‘right’ time? What if….???

The voices in my head are loud and obnoxious but I have a plan!!

The plan:


I chose to enroll in an in-class TEFL with The Language House TEFL in Prague. It was difficult choosing a course because there are soooooo many different programs worldwide (TEFL, TESOL, Celta, Delta, etc.) but I wanted a quality TEFL program and The Language House stood out:

  • I enjoyed watching videos and reading reviews from their past graduates,
  • I was able to reach out and get input from past graduates of the program–they gave great reviews!!
  • It is an American owned education center with individuals that know the expat struggle,
  • It appears to be organized and ready to assist the students through the process of moving and teaching abroad.
  • I chose a discounted month, so the price appears reasonable plus Czech is has its own currency (not the Euro)
  • There is no requirement to pay the entire amount of the program prior to arrival, students just pay the deposit (in Euros) which I think adds to the legitimacy of the program.

Also I was happy to find a great blog, The Czech List, reviewing several different TEFL programs in the Czech Republic. The information provided on the blog is helpful and detailed. Please check out the site if you are thinking about various programs in the CR.

I’ll have more to share once I begin the course, I’m expecting a challenge but I hope to finish with more skills and a new appreciation for living in a country where English is not widely spoken.

Yes. The tables will be turned. I’ll know how my students felt not being able to articulate their feelings and desires.dontunderstand Perhaps, I’ll even learn some Czech!!

All prayers accepted!!  

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