The world is your oyster if you have the ‘right’ passport!!…


I am from The States and I remember when I realized that travel opportunities were not equal for everyone.

I was talking with a friend with a passport from another country who was not yet a citizen of the United States- she came to the U.S. on a diversity visa. I didn’t know much about visas either. Anyway, she was willing to give up citizenship from her home country so that she could receive U.S. citizenship and a U.S. Passport and I did not understand.

She explained to me the respect she had seen people with the U.S. (and other respected nations) passport receive and more importantly the lack of respect people with certain other passports receive.  After learning this I found myself asking people from various other countries about their experience and most agreed, your passport origin matters.

Since that conversation, I’ve found myself more appreciative and thankful for the few hassles I’ve had traveling abroad. Also this conversation is one of the many reasons I enjoy talking and sharing with people with different backgrounds and different perspectives of the world. There is always something to be learned!!!

The lesson: the world can be your oyster, if you have a widely accepted passport.


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