Let the World Adventures Begin!!

Finally, I’m counting down to my next adventure which begins in Milan, Italy. I graduated from college and the transition has been interesting; my life is no longer defined by semesters or summer/spring/fall breaks. And while graduating and finding employment was my goal, I had not taken into account that big girl/boy jobs don’t provide the much needed life breaks I had become accustomed to over my long college experience.


picture credit: unknown

 I became restless and my feet were itchy, I got a case of wanderlust that had to be cured. So round-trip tickets to Milan, Italy (MXP Airport) were booked.

www.skyscanner.com was used to search for tickets from the USA to Italy in the month of April. I keep repeating this is my favorite go to site for air travel because it’s great!! Although I had no specific destination in mind, my wallet usually helps in the decision making process, and with round-trip tickets for less than $590 USD , my wallet chose Milan, Italy. I approve!!!


After booking the tickets, the side effects of wanderlust subsided a bit; however, recently those pesky side effects have started to emerge again, now that the time to fly is approaching. I spent the weekend searching for train, plane, and automobile deals so that I may properly explore the cathedrals and cobblestone paths of a country I haven’t seen in more than five years. Gosh it’s been a long time.

Now that most of the traveling logistics have been finalized, I am ready.

Train sites I recommendTrenitaliaRail Europe, and SNCF-Voyages (French) (FYI: sometimes train tickets are substantially less expensive if purchased on the French site. I use a translator and book tickets in French).

My palate is ready for authentic Italian food.


My ears are ready for beautiful languages I do not understand. At least it sounds good!!


My eyes are ready for the architecture and history that can only be found across the Atlantic.


My heart is ready for Italy.

Join me as I travel back to Italy, the land of fashion and innovation.


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