Aruba Getaway

Aruba is beautiful!! I highly recommend visiting this island. The people, the food, and the overall ambiance of the island is amazing!!. Traveling from The States, you will need a passport to visit this paradise. The currency is the Florin, however, there was no problem finding vendors that accept the US dollar.

We first checked in at the Holiday Inn Resort and it was beautiful!!


The property was well maintained and there were plenty of beach and beach chairs to share. They have several pools and a couple of hot tubs on the resort.


We did not pay for the all-inclusive option but we did include the breakfast buffet which was great with several selections.

IMG_3002 IMG_3004 IMG_3005 IMG_3007

This large property is perfect for families and couples, yet we checked out because I wanted to stay at the The Board Walk Hotel.

The Board Walk is a smaller more intimate option (less expensive too) which is not on the beachfront but close enough to walk. It was adorable and charming. The main drawback of our stay was the mosquito harassment. Mosquito’s were relentless and made enjoying the outdoors uncomfortable. Other than that we would definitely recommend a stay at this resort. Big advantage= comes with all the necessary items necessary to cook and refrigerate food.


IMG_3314 IMG_3318 IMG_3270IMG_3330IMG_3138
 Getting around the island (19.6) miles was easy, especially once we rented a car (a little Kia). Tip: Get the Jeep for off road adventures 😉

IMG_3134 IMG_3334

Overall, I miss the little island already!! Thinking about going? Go!! Go!! Go!!

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