Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich is…………….. EXpeNsivE. The Swiss Franc is worth much more than the USD. Good thing the scenery is free! A warm Kebap and an Apple Shorley and a stroll through Zurich’s Old Town is beautiful.

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Above: Kebap & Shorley

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The city is very walk-able, in fact, it is my observation that there were more bikers and pedestrians than cars. Nope, no fat people here.

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Above: love that guy

To get to Zurich, we took the TrenItalia train from Milano Centrale to Zurich HB station.

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**We bought tickets through the French SNCF website and the SNCF office doesn’t open until 9:30am (also not in the main station, it’s 10 minute walk down the road) our train departure was for 9:10am. Soooo pick up your tickets early or buy from TrenItalia– a 140 euro mistake. OuCh!!

The weather was bit cold but expected. We Stayed at Hotel Allegra, a great modern airport hotel, which is in Kloten about 10 minutes outside the Zurich but the train station is literally outside the hotel door. Kloten is about three stops from Zurich HB Station.

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Above: view of hotel from the train waiting area

I would stay here again, even though the breakfast lacked eggs, waffles, pancakes…lol

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We enjoyed Zurich on a budget you can too!!