When in Rome….

Rome is the Eternal City, full of history and culture.

Region: Europe

Country: Italy

Passport Needed: Yes

Visa Needed: No

Currency: Euro

Train Travel

I am an advocate for budget travel, so when I found an inexpensive overnight train tickets to get us from Paris, France to Rome, Italy,  I took this idea to J and he agreed. Well… it was an INTERESTING and AWKWARD experience.

A T6-Shared cabin was booked. For those not familiar with this, it is essentially a small room with 6 bunk bed style beds, 3 on each side of the cabin. The two bottom bunks are fold out chairs, until changed into the beds.  We shared the cabin with a young teacher, a nun, and an old Italian couple. Although the saving were nice, I am not sure I would try it again.

The small space with strangers, the suspicious nun, and the attendant requesting our passports and not returning them until the morning was stressful for a person who loves her personal space and never likes to part with my passport for several reasonable and unreasonable fears.

Looks like someone slept well


First Impression

Overall, I was underwhelmed by Rome. Something was missing.  I guess my expectations of Rome were different than the reality.

Rome is full of history and impressive structures but in my opinion it lacked charm. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but the city felt small, dirty and lackluster beyond the famed landmarks. We did the typical tourist hop-on hop-off bus and took time to view the several of the landmarks.

The landmarks were all very beautiful!!! Overall, the city is a nice place to visit and I would recommend a few days or a long weekend getaway to the city– no longer is needed. I sometimes unfairly judge a place by the food and I will say the food in Rome was great!!!


FYI: There are no free refills on any beverage in Europe!! This is very disheartening for someone who loves free refills.

We stayed at a new modern hotel, the IQ Hotel Roma, located near the Termini. It was very clean and spacious which was appreciated as many European hotels have smaller hotel accommodations than those in the United States.

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The food was amazing. The city was loud and crowed but be sure to get lost and find those quiet pieces of bliss in coffee shops or restaurants. You may love it!!!

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Resources for traveling in Rome:

Source: www.wandershare.com