PaRis… Ou LA La

DSCN1043Paris is absolutely magnificent!! We arrived to Paris by way of the EuroStar Train from London. My best advice is to get your tickets early!! We bought youth tickets on-line in the states about 45 days before departure and got a great deal. If traveling to Paris from the states, you will need a passport but no visa if you’re not planning to stay longer than 90 days. Currency= The Euro *currently worth more than the $dollar$

After arriving to the Gare du Nord train station with our luggage, we decided we would take the bus to the bus stop closest to the hotel. According to the all the websites, our hotel, The WO (Wilson Opera) Hotel, was not far from the Gare Saint Lazare train station.

Of course, after getting off the bus we got lost. We walked up and down a few streets looking for the hotel–In instances like these, I am glad we both packed lightly. Finally, we stopped two women that spoke English and asked for directions. Neither of them knew where the hotel was located but luckily one of the nice ladies had a brand new iPhone. She was able to find the hotel on the phone and gave us directions, we were only approximately two blocks from the hotel. We will always be grateful to these nice ladies and APPLE. lol


The hotel was a small boutique hotel. We were expecting the room to be small; however, the room was fit for handicap use and was a decent size.

After settling in the hotel, we proceeded to explore the city. Paris is like walking through a historical and romantic novel.

We had a list of landmarks we wanted get to explore so…..

Paris is expensive yet charming, historical yet modern, chaotic yet romantic. Paris is simply breath-taking.